Online College Admission system & Monitoring Student’s Application

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Features Of Our Online Admission System

Administrator Features
  • Open Admission
  • Setup Criteria
  • Full Control Over Multi Step Application Form
  • Merit List Generation
  • Select / Unselect Candidate
  • Download User Data in Excel Format By Category & Payment Status
User / Applicant Features
  • Registration
  • Log In
  • Application For Admission
  • Multi Step Application Form
  • Save Application Form at any stage before final Submission
  • Image & Signature Upload

This form will contain applicant’s all the basic data with validation checking in every steps. During the form fill-up and will help you to make various reports for university’s requirements. Students can select the subject, combination and Hons or General first then go for filling u the full form.

During the form fill with the mark obtained by the students our system will calculate the best of the marks and deduction and the details of mark to find the eligibility and application can see this while filling the form.

After successful submission of the student’s details the applicant will get a unique registration number and a Fee challan which will be duly filled up automatically according to the Stream, subject, Combination and elective which was being selected first by the Applicant.

NB: This online Admission system will go live only after the date and time will be scheduled by the Governing body of the college and will become open for student to apply for that college.

The Application Fees can be taken in different mode as per the choice of the College Authority.
  • Once applicants will apply for the respective stream successfully at the end he/she will get the challan w.r.t that stream for three separate copy. One for Bank, One for self and one for College.
  • Candidate can print challans and contact at College counter, or
  • Fees can be taken through Bank Draft, if the college has a collaboration with the any Bank, or
  • Complete Online Payment through Net Banking (this option can be developed on request by the college and it’s high on cost)

Submission of online application does not mean that the applicant is entitled to show his/her name to the merit list. The merit list will only be created by the automation system which will be decided by the college and the merit list creating system will be created accordingly. College will decide how the merit list will be created and we’ll customize the system accordingly and develop the fully automation system accordingly. Here you need not to calculate anything from outside and everything will be set up within the system from the beginning.

Merit list will be created categorically like General Category, SC/ST/OBC-A/OBC-B/PH/Sports category. For every section the calculation and system will be developed accordingly and the costing of the final system will be calculated based on the full and final requirement.

Admin can check the merit list separately for different category. You can download the merit list from that section in Excel and PDF format. Admin can check who are the finally selected applicants paid and who are still unpaid and can change the status accordingly. Merit List will be created only on the paid applicants.

Final Merit list for every category will be created with Applicant’s registration number, name, mark and the entire fields which College wants to show in Merit list.

We provide our own server but prefer to work on your server if it support the full system and can support huge traffic during the admission procedure. We maintain strong security for administrator. The system will be fully secured by Password and from malfunctioning.

Here are all the screenshot of the system which you can see upfront and also providing the demo link with very basics before we show the actual in depth demonstration to you.

System Compatibility: Windows-7, Windows – 8, Windows – 10, Linux

Browser Compatibility: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

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